Monday, August 1, 2016

We Want Lead Out Of Lipstick

Time to get the lead out? 
Time to get the lead out?
Is the amount of lead found in lipstick a health hazard?
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a consortium of consumer and environmental groups, thinks so.

They've argued that there's no safe level for lead in lipsticks — especially for pregnant women and kids — and want the agency to do something to bring the amount of the metal down.

A trade group for cosmetics makers says lead isn't put in lipstick on purpose, but it sometimes contaminates raw ingredients.

There's no specific lead limit now for any cosmetics, though color additives used in them are capped at about 20 parts per million, the FDA says.

Note from Soutenus:

After reading the info above . . . are you shaking your head in dismay or steaming from the ears in frustration?  I am steaming.  This is just another of so many reasons I appreciate shopping with a company that puts health and safety first.
Frankly, I wonder why people would shop anywhere else. If my store has it, I buy it from them.  So, I do not have to worry about things like this . . . . but so many people are so blissfully, but dangerously, ignorant.

There's no specific lead limit now for any cosmetics.
The burning question for me is, "Why even allow lead in a product?!"  FDA what are you thinking?   I know many of us remember the lead in paint fiasco!  

My philosophy is, "Why not make smart simple changes?

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